I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Władysława Broniewskiego

I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Władysława Broniewskiego was set up in 1952.
In 2002 the school received the honorable title ‘Meritorious for the City of Świdnik’.
The education in our school lasts 3 years and ends up with Matura Examinations which correspond to the A-level Examinations in Britain.
The school cooperates with UMCS in Lublin: the patronage of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology (2007); the patronage of the Institute of Slavic Philology (2008). Moreover, it cooperates with a school in Wołczunaj in Lithuania.
There are 4 different classes created according to students’ interests:
1. a mathematical and science class;
2. a humanities and artistic class;
3. a linguistic class with business principles;
4. a sport class.
The students learn foreign languages – English, German and Russian. Additionally, they can take a course of Spanish and Italian for free.
At the second and third grade all the students choose two subjects which are taught to them at an extended level.
Talented students work at an individual pace.
We organize sightseeing trips, outings to theatres, various charity actions take place in our school. The students participate in contests, competitions and sports tournaments and they often win awards.
The classrooms are well-equipped. There are two computer labs, a projection room, a library with a multimedia centre, a gym and a fitness room.